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Rockford Cemetery Project

A project of Muslim Funeral Home of Rockford

MFHR has been providing funeral services to Muslims and needy community members for little to no cost for nearly three years now. We save the family of the deceased $2,000 to $4,000 on funeral costs. Until now, we had no solution for the expensive burial and lot charges costs which could round up to $3,500. 

Through God's Mercy MFHR was able to secure a10 acres of land for burial services! We hope to cut burial costs by half for those who can afford it. Praise belongs to God, the earnest money has been paid. 

Make this affordable

We are looking for donations from community members to *buy this land for $153,000 Inshallah* pending zoning which can serve our greater Rockford community for centuries and a Sadaqa Jariyah for you and your family.The donations are Zakat eligible. 

You can also donate via Zelle/Chase Pay

Check payable to Muslim Funeral Home

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10 acre Proposed land details

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