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How the Funeral Process works


Once somebody has passed away, either in the hospital or at home, death will need to be confirmed by a healthcare professional.

The caregiver of the deceased, the client, will be given options of funeral home's to choose from. In order to use MFHR's services, the client must choose it as the funeral home of choice.  


The client should contact MFHR either by phone (contact information is listed below) or by filling out this form


MFHR's contact information must be provided to the healthcare facility in order to coordinate the transportation of the deceased. 


MFHR will transport the body of the deceased to our funeral home facility, prepare the grave, and coordinate paper work with the client.


The body of the deceased will be given a gusul (bath) according to the Islamic guidelines and prepared for Janaza (funeral prayer).


The body of the deceased will be transported from the MFHR facility to the Mosque for Janaza (funeral prayer) and then from the Mosque to the chosen cemetery for burial. 



MFHR will provide the deceased's death certificate from the state of Illinois to the client within 2-3 weeks. Please do not hesitate to call us for any assistance in the process. 

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